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Šrí Hari Dhám

Kazatelské centrum hnutí Hare Krišna

Programy v Hari Dhámu

Welcome to the world of Hare Krishna movement!


International society for Krishna consciousness

Founder-acharya  Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Sri Haridham is one of the official centers of the Hare Krishna movement in Czech republic.

If you are comming to or  going to live now in the North Moravia region and Ostrava region, and want to contact us for our books, lectures, chanting, temple programs, festivals or vegetarian food, feel free to contact us - in the menu please click the  page:  Kontakt  to see the phone number or to write e-mail message.

There you also find the link to the official webpage of the Hare Krishna movement of the Czech republic,  to see other centers and activities in the case, you travel Czech republic.

Thank you, Hare Krishna!

Next  Hare Krishna program in Ostrava:


each even week - Tuesday


5:00 PM


Mateřská škola
Poděbradova 19 / 1103,

Ostrava 702 00

 1. floor

(please ring the doorbell)

Přednášky v Ostravě

  každý sudý týden
od 17:00
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29.6 So - 4.7. Čt

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